Our Volunteers

Our volunteers make things happen. They are the warriors of Main Street. The worker-bees of the local community. They come up with event ideas, tackle projects, develop marketing plans and fix both the big issues and the small issues. Since 2012 our Main Street Volunteers have devoted over 7,000 hours in advancing the mission of Main Street.


Volunteer of the Year Hall of Fame

Sue Papp - Volunteer of the Year 2013 - Main Street Lansing

Sue Papp
2013 Volunteer of the Year

Relentlessly hard working and constantly giving of her time, Sue is truly one of a kind. She’s the first person to “like” “comment” and “share” our posts on facebook, she’s painted benches, served food and drink at events, watered planters, handed out flyers, arranged our Christmas tree and helped decorate it, furnished the office with chairs and tables and decorated it for every season. She’s assisted with the farmers’ market, put up signs and taken them down, all while serving on two committees. She’s a true Main Street Warrior; reliable, relentless and now, rewarded.


Bill O'Connor - Main Street Lansing's Volunteer of the Year 2012Bill O’ Connor
2012 Volunteer of the Year

Bill came to Lansing from Chicago when his wife fell in love with the town.  Bill is semi-retired from his business in Chicago which means lots of commuting, but he still managed to give his time and talent to help Main Street Lansing. With his background in advertising, particularly in the area of branding, he has been an invaluable resource for our program.  He spearheaded Main Street Lansing’s branding efforts and with Bill’s help MSL produced an excellent tourist brochure. Main Street Lansing is lucky to have a volunteer as committed as Bill O’Connor.


2011 Volunteer of the Year

Bruce put in more than 700 volunteer hours during 2011 to make Lansing a new Main Street Iowa community. Part of his volunteer time was spent on the newly created Main Street Plaza and as part of the watering crew that keeps the downtown flowers blooming in the summer as well as his duties as board president.